A log or record of all notable changes made to a project changelog is provided to make it easier to read with timestamp changes
Version: 2021.8
  • Whitepaper updated to gitbook
Version: 2021.11
  • Provided updated dxsale link according to the addition of LP in November
  • Adding new page for next update
Version: 2021.12
  • Updated lore page correspond to new released teaser trailer
  • Updated dragon lore and description
Version: 2022.01
  • Marketplace Maintenance due to high traffic
Version: 2022.02
  • Updated earning mechanism and newest tokenomics data
  • Adding new page to Feature
  • Update new roadmap for 2022
Version: 2022.03
  • Update Gacha subsection
  • Delete unnecessary subsections, To be determined subject will be updated later
Version: 2022.04
  • Provided brief dragon stat, lore and usable item during phase 1 game launch