Game Changelog

Solved issue and bug during beta test #1 report updated in real time
  • fixed homescreen issue due to high ppi display
  • fixed issue incubation eggs doesn't hatch immediately after timer reach zero
  • fixed UI in high screen display showing too small
  • fixed login error for several wifi/internet provider
  • fixed force quit problem in low ram condition
  • fixed stuck loading in homescreen due to slow internet connection
  • add compability to more various android phone with android 12 and older android 9
  • fixed time delay between marketplace and game integration after successful purchase has been made
  • feeding animation reworked in various device due to screen size
  • fixed dragon doesn't show up in homescreen
  • fixed dragon hit confirmation during battle
  • fixed item name issue due to bscscan api
  • fixed spawn issue in battle
  • fixed item data failed to reach game server
  • various improvement to ensure connection
Solved issue and bug after official launch of 28 March 2022
  • Incubator timer doesnt respond to egg hatching
  • Login issue due to user has two registered account using same wallet