An end-user license agreement is a legal contract entered into between a software developer or vendor and the user of the software
End User License Agreement
ORAGONBSC.IO Site Service Usage Agreement is an agreement (“Agreement”) between the User as the party using the ORAGONBSC.IO site and the ORAGONBSC.IO application (“User”) and PT ORAGON TEKNOLOGI INDONESIA as the manager of the ORAGONBSC.IO site and ORAGONBSC.IO application. , which contains the terms and conditions of use of the ORAGONBSC.IO site services and the ORAGONBSC.IO application that apply to Users to be able to use the services provided by ORAGONBSC.IO.
PT ORAGON TEKNOLOGI INDONESIA, hereinafter referred to as "We" which is the manager of ORAGONBSC.IO, advises prospective Users to read this Agreement carefully. Users must read, understand, accept and agree to all the terms and conditions in this Agreement before using the application and/or accepting the content contained therein. By using the application and/or continuing to access the ORAGONBSC.IO Site, the User agrees to all the terms and conditions contained therein, and therefore the User agrees to be bound by an Agreement with us and expresses agreement to receive services and access to all content. contained on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site. If you do not accept and agree to one,
Every activity related to the use of the ORAGONBSC.IO Site, both we and users are protected by law through the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations including but not limited to regulations regarding Information and Electronic Transactions and Intellectual Property Rights, and against all forms of engagement arising from all activities. on the ORAGONBSC.IO site has fulfilled the rules and conditions for the validity of an engagement as stated in the Indonesian Civil Code.
1.1 This Agreement shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of Indonesia (Indonesia). The parties mentioned in the Agreement hereby agree to submit to the courts in Indonesia.
1.2 In this Agreement “User” means an individual, whether an Indonesian citizen, foreign citizen, or legal entity with the ability to use computers, networks, computers and/or other electronic media capable of accessing the ORAGONBSC.IO Site in accordance with needs and has created an account name (username) and password (password).
1.3 Registered User (verified member) is a User who has created an account name (username) and password (password) has completed all procedures and verification processes on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site or the User pays for certain services that may be provided by the Site ORAGONBSC.IO as a Registered User. Users and Registered Users are hereinafter referred to as “Users”.
1.4. By accessing or using the ORAGONBSC.IO Site, Users belonging to the category of Users as mentioned in points 1.2 and 1.3 above knowingly and without coercion from any party declare themselves to agree to accept all the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement and the provisions otherwise applicable on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site. As a User, the User is bound by the terms and conditions of the applicable Agreement in the event that the User accesses or uses the ORAGONBSC.IO Site.
1.5 This Agreement may be amended and/or renewed at any time and We will post the amended or updated Agreement on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site. The amended and updated terms and conditions will take effect immediately after the amended and updated terms and conditions are listed on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site, and Users are required to read the terms and conditions in the Agreement from time to time because this Agreement may change at any time without any notification to the User. By continuing to access and use the ORAGONBSC.IO Site, the User agrees to the changes in these terms and conditions.
1.6 In the ORAGONBSC.IO Site there will be or has been a connection or hyperlink (link) that is connected to a site belonging to a third party outside the ORAGONBSC.IO Site, and We hereby declare no responsibility for the content of Links outside the ORAGONBSC.IO Site or sites that provided or installed by a third party (Third Party Content), whether entered by an unnamed user or by a paid content provider, or not created by us. By displaying Third Party Content on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site, it does not mean that we or our affiliated parties, officers, officers or employees have a working relationship as sales agents with these third parties. Third Party Content is entirely the responsibility of the content provider. We do not guarantee that all Third Party Content is accurate, does not violate morals, is valid or is real, and is not responsible if the User considers that the Third Party Content can be trusted. In addition, we are not responsible for the activities carried out by the User and cannot be held responsible by anyone related to the losses suffered by other parties as a result of the actions of the User.
2.1 The User hereby declares that the User is a legal subject who is capable and able to bind himself in the Agreement.
2.2 Each User agrees not to copy, use or download all information, writings, images, video recordings, directories, documents, databases or advertisements on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site or obtained through the ORAGONBSC.IO Site for any purpose including but not limited to including reselling or redistributing the contents of the ORAGONBSC.IO Site, conducting mass marketing (via email, SMS, regular mail or other communication media be it electronic media, social and so on), running a business to compete with the ORAGONBSC.IO Site or taking advantage of the Site. ORAGONBSC.IO for commercial purposes outside of transaction activities on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site. Users are not allowed to take the contents of the ORAGONBSC.IO Site systematically to create or compile, directly or indirectly, collections, compilations, database or directory (either using automated tools or manual processes) without our written permission. In addition, the User is not allowed to use the content or materials mentioned above for any purpose that is not stated in this Agreement.
2.3 When visiting and using the ORAGONBSC.IO Site, including any of its features and services, each User is not allowed to:
1. Violate any applicable laws (including but not limited to regulations regarding export control, consumer protection, unfair competition, anti-discrimination or false advertising), the rights of other parties, including intellectual, human rights, and other laws and regulations. provided for in this Agreement.
2. Providing information and content that is false, inaccurate, misleading, defamatory, immoral, pornographic, discriminatory or racist.
3. Take actions that can disrupt the system of suggestions or feedback and or ratings (such as displaying, importing or exporting information or feedback from external sites or using it for purposes unrelated to the ORAGONBSC.IO Site).
4. Provide or include his account name and/or password on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site (including in the suggestions or input column) or to other parties without our knowledge.
5. Spreading spam, immoral things, or large amounts of electronic messages, continuous messages.
6. Spread viruses or all other similar technologies that can damage and/or harm the ORAGONBSC.IO Site, its affiliates and other users.
7. Enter or move features on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site without exception without our knowledge and approval.
8. Store, copy, modify, or distribute the content and features of the ORAGONBSC.IO Site, including the service, content, copyright and intellectual property contained on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site.
9. Collect or collect information from other users, including email addresses, without the knowledge of other users.
2.4 We reserve the right to limit or not provide access, or provide different access to be able to open the ORAGONBSC.IO Site and the features in it to each User, or replace one of the features or include new features without prior notice. Each User is aware that if the ORAGONBSC.IO Site cannot be used in whole or in part for any reason, then any business or activity carried out by the User may be disrupted. Each User hereby agrees that for any reason frees Us from all forms of liability to Users or to third parties if the person concerned is unable to use the ORAGONBSC.IO Site (either due to interference, restricted access, feature changes or the inclusion of certain features or because other reason); or if communication or transmission is delayed, fails or cannot take place; or if there is a loss (directly, indirectly) due to the use or inability to use the ORAGONBSC.IO Site or one of the features in it.
2.5 By continuing to access or continue to use the ORAGONBSC.IO Site, the User is deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the terms of the ORAGONBSC.IO Site regarding the Terms and Privacy Policy which governs the use of information entered by each User into the ORAGONBSC.IO Site. The user accepts these terms and their additions or any amendments or updates. Users understand and are aware that we may change the terms of this Privacy Policy at any time and will post the latest version on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site. By continuing to access and use the ORAGONBSC.IO Site, the User is deemed to have accepted and agreed to the terms of the Privacy Policy listed on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site at the time of use.
2.6 The user acknowledges and agrees that the prices listed on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site may change from time to time and without prior notice.
2.7 The User acknowledges and agrees that if the User uploads content in any form, both writing and/or images on the application and the ORAGONBSC.IO Site including but not limited to providing comments, suggestions or criticisms, the User grants us non-exclusive rights, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty free, sublicensable, right to exercise any and all database rights and intellectual property rights that User has in content. Users waive moral rights and agree not to claim these rights against us.
3.1 The ORAGONBSC.IO site is an NFT marketplace platform that provides NFT buying and selling services for Users.
3.2 Users are required to have a Google email account (Free / Basic / Business / Enterprise). Users can use the services provided by ORAGONBSC.IO only if the User has registered and verified on the ORAGONBSC.IO Platform.
3.3 The registration process can only be carried out by Users who have a Google Account and devices that can be used to access this platform are using ANDROID, APPLE/IOS, LINUX and WINDOWS Operating Systems.
3.4 We will mediate disputes between the parties on the principle of deliberation to reach consensus.
When making a contribution, the User represents and warrants that:
1. Creation, distribution, transmission, public display, or performance, and actions to access, download or copy User contributions will not infringe any proprietary rights, including but not limited to copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or moral rights any third party.
2. The user is the creator or has the necessary licenses, rights, approvals, releases, and permissions to authorize us and other users of the ORAGONBSC.IO application and Site to use User contributions in any way contemplated in these terms of use.
3. The user is the creator or has the necessary licenses, rights, approvals, releases, and permissions to authorize us and other users of the ORAGONBSC.IO application and Site to use User contributions in any way contemplated in these terms of use.
4. User Contributions are accurate and not misleading.
5. User Contributions are not unauthorized advertisements, promotional materials, spam, mass mailings or any other form.
6. User Contributions do not use words or sentences that are dirty, abusive, harassing, or slander other users on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site.
7. User Contributions do not ridicule, mock, belittle, intimidate or abuse anyone.
8. User Contributions do not advocate violent overthrow of governments or incite, encourage, or threaten physical harm to others.
9. User Contributions do not violate any applicable laws or regulations in Indonesia.
10. User Contributions do not violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third party.
11. User Contributions do not contain any material that collects personal information from anyone under the age of 18 or exploits people under the age of 18 in a sexual or violent manner.
12. User Contributions do not violate child pornography laws.
13. User Contributions do not include offensive comments related to race, nationality, gender, sexual preference, or disability.
14. User Contributions do not violate or link to material that violates any of these terms of use, any applicable law or regulation.
Any use that violates the above provisions may result in, among other things, termination or suspension of the User's right to use the ORAGONBSC.IO Site.
5.1 By choosing to create an account as a User of the ORAGONBSC.IO Site, the User will create an account name (username) and password (password) when completing the registration and verification process specified in the ORAGONBSC.IO Site.
5.2 The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of the username and password and is fully responsible for all activities carried out by or on behalf of the user's account name.
5.3 The user agrees to:
1. Immediately notify us of any suspected unauthorized/valid use on behalf of the registered User's account name.
2. Ensure that the Registered User logs out of the account at the end of every activity on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site to avoid the possibility of misuse of the account in question.
5.4 That the User is not allowed to sell, attempt to sell, offer to sell, give, surrender or transfer the User's account, identity or password to third parties without our knowledge and prior written consent. We may suspend or terminate the Registered User's account or the account of the party receiving the transfer from the User who is sold, offered for sale, given, handed over or transferred in violation of the provisions of this Article. If with our limited ability to identify this violation, then all consequences, risks are the responsibility of the Registered User who transferred.
5.5 We have the full right to limit, block or terminate the service of an account, prohibit access to the ORAGONBSC.IO Site and content, services, and slow down or delete hosted content, cancel transactions, freeze, delay and/or cancel the withdrawal of funds made and take legal steps to protect Registered Users or other users if We think Registered Users or other users violate applicable laws, violate intellectual property rights of related parties, commit fraud or commit a violation of the things listed on this Agreement.
6.1 Each User is responsible for all things or activities carried out on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site on behalf of the User or using the User's account.
6.2 Each User is obliged to pay in full for transactions made on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site in accordance with the terms of transactions and payments.
6.3 The User has the right to obtain the appropriate product/service and has been fully paid for by the User, and the product/service cannot be returned or canceled unilaterally by the User if it is not in accordance with the provisions set by us.
6.4 Users are prohibited from committing fraud, which is an intentional act in any way to obtain benefits or advantages for him or other parties who cooperate with the User, which causes harm to us, our business partners, other users on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site and other parties. -other parties.
6.5 Each User is fully responsible if the User violates the provisions detailed in this Agreement, and agrees to release Us and its affiliates for all losses caused by violations committed by the User.
7.1 The User is obliged to pay in full for each transaction made within the period specified by Us specifically for each payment method before We can further process the transaction from the User. If the User has not made a payment within the specified period, we have the right to declare that the transaction has been canceled by the User.
7.2 Each User can clarify payment transactions that have been carried out directly to banking service providers/payment service providers who cooperate with us in accordance with the applicable terms and conditions.
7.3 In the event that there is an obligation for us to refund / refund for one reason or another for the User's transaction on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site, then we will immediately contact the User through the available communication means (e-mail or telephone) to request confirmation and data- User data required, for the purposes of the refund process or placing data on refund funds in the User's account that has been registered and verified to be used in subsequent User transactions or withdrawn/transferred to the account number that has been registered by the User. If within 7 (seven) calendar days it turns out that the User cannot be contacted or does not respond to us, then we are not responsible for the delay in the refund process as referred to,
8.1 The user has the right to request a refund / refund if the ORAGONBSC.IO transaction process fails due to technical problems in the ORAGONBSC.IO system, as evidenced by all users unable to make transactions.
8.2 The User fully understands that the refund process depends on the payment method used by the User when making transactions on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site.
8.3 The refund period is calculated after obtaining our approval.
8.4 Each refund process has a different time period. Especially for the refund method via transfer to a bank account owned or appointed by you, the refund period will be calculated after you provide us with your account number.
8.5 The user understands and agrees that any use of promotions available on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site cannot be cashed, therefore if the transaction using a promotion in the form of a discount voucher is canceled because the service is canceled, then we will only process the refund according to the user's payment value.
8.6 The user also understands and agrees that if he submits a transaction cancellation for reasons of change of mind and / or discrepancy / error in service selection, the refund process will not be accepted.
We are the sole owner or legal holder of all rights to and content in the ORAGONBSC.IO Site. The ORAGONBSC.IO site and its contents include intellectual property rights that are protected by copyright laws and other intellectual property protection laws that apply worldwide. All proprietary rights and intellectual property rights to the ORAGONBSC.IO Site and its contents remain with us, its affiliates or the licensors of the contents of the ORAGONBSC.IO Site. All rights not stated in this Agreement or by Us are hereby reserved. The ORAGONBSC.IO site, its name and associated icons and logos are registered trademarks in various jurisdictions and are protected by copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights. It is strictly forbidden to use, modify,
10.1 All notices or requests for information to or about us will be processed if made in writing and sent to PT ORAGON TEKNOLOGI INDONESIA.
10.2 All notices or requests to or about the User will be processed if submitted in person, sent by courier, registered mail, facsimile or email to the mailing address, facsimile or email address provided by the User to Us or by posting the notice or request in one place. on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site which can be accessed by the public free of charge. A notification to a User will be deemed to have been received by the User if and if: We can show that the communication, whether in physical or electronic form, has been sent to the User, or We have posted the notice on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site which is accessible to the public. free of charge.
11. Changes and amendments
Users understand that we may at any time make changes (reductions or additions) to the provisions of this Agreement. We recommend that Users periodically and carefully review this Agreement. By continuing to access and/or use the ORAGONBSC.IO Site, the User is deemed to have agreed to the changes in this privacy policy.
This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with Indonesian Laws. All disputes that may arise between the User and Us in connection with the use of the ORAGONBSC.IO Site and/or the implementation of this Agreement will be resolved exclusively in the jurisdiction of the Indonesian courts.
13.1 We and the User are an independent relationship and no agency, partnership, joint venture, employee-company or franchisee relationship will be created or created under this Agreement.
13.2 The headings in this Agreement are made for reference only, and in no way define, limit, explain or describe what is or is included in the article.
13.3 Our non-execution of our rights to claim our rights under this Agreement or our not taking action against violations committed by Users of this Agreement will not waive or not waive our rights to take action against similar violations or subsequent violations.
13.4 By using the services on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site, the User has read, understood, complied with and agreed to this Agreement and all terms and conditions that apply on the ORAGONBSC.IO Site.
Contacting us
If you have any questions, concerns, or complaints regarding this Agreement, the information we hold about you, or if you wish to exercise your rights, we encourage you to contact us using the details below:
We will attempt to resolve complaints and disputes and make every reasonable effort to honor your wish to exercise your rights as quickly as possible and in any event, within the timescales provided by applicable data protection laws.
This document was last updated on March 30, 2022
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